In our approach, we embrace a team concept. Our associates collectively share over one hundred years of expertise in dealing with the municipal, legislative, and regulatory matters of Massachusetts. Clients have access to the entire team at any time and are guaranteed an unparalleled standard of service.

We ensure that the desired outcome is never just met, it's exceeded.

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Brian S. Hickey

Mr. Hickey is the founder and principal of the firm. He has worked for twenty-five years providing governmental relations and public affairs services to a wide range of organizations and trade associations.  Mr. Hickey is well known as one of the most effective and influential lobbyists in Massachusetts.


Neil T. O'Brien

Neil O’Brien joined Brian S. Hickey Associates after a lengthy and successful period of time working in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. His knowledge of regulatory and permitting issues pertaining to the environment and economic development is widely recognized.


Jeff J. Haggerty

Jeffrey J. Haggerty began his legislative career in D.C. in working for the U.S. Congress before returning to MA where he spearheaded insurance-related initiatives. His primary clientele includes the automobile industry, insurance industry, and non-profit associations.


Our Team

Tommy Hickey

After earning his bachelor’s degree at Trinity College, Tommy played an integral role as part of the grassroots outreach team for the Right to Repair Bill. Since 2015, Tommy has joined full-time and is actively involved with all the firm's clients.


Chrisann Gillen

Chrisann joined Brian S. Hickey Associates as Office Manager in September 2005. She is responsible for the daily operations of the office as well as coordinating business development and strategic planning activities for the firm.

Edward J. Dever Jr.

Edward J. Dever Jr. has been specializing in government affairs and lobbying since 1981. A former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, he was the Assistant Counsel to the House of Representatives and has been a Fellow of the Paul A. Dever Educational Foundation since 1974.


Our Team

Environmental Advisory

Robert W. Golledge Jr.

A formidable background as an environmental consultant, Mr. Gollledge brings extensive insight and a deep well of connections to the table. His former titles include Country Director for the Peace Corps in Ghana, Secretary of Environmental Affairs, and Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. 


roots, through and through

Members of the firm come from all corners of Massachusetts. We have a deep understanding of the characteristics, fabrics, and history of the state. This has proven to be a unique advantage when dealing with complex issues, especially at the municipal and state government levels. Massachusetts is our home and we are very proud of it.

Our Team



Mike received his undergrad from Salem State College in Business Administration and his Masters of Business Administration through Babson College FW Oline Graduate School of Business. Before joining the MA Right to Repair Committee, Mike worked an extensive career at Fidelity Investments.


A San Diego native, Stefan graduated from Providence College majoring in Social Science and Business while playing Division 1 hockey. After graduating, he worked at AEG with their Group Ticket Sales office for the LA Kings. Since September of 2018, he has been a part of the Right to Repair Grassroots team.


Ted attended Lake Forest College to study politics before continuing his education at Suffolk University with a Masters in Education. The majority of his career was spent teaching and coaching. Following his father’s successful lobbying efforts with Brian S. Hickey Associates, he joined the company to assist in grassroots affairs.