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Tommy grew up in Charlestown, MA before moving to Winchester in 2006. He graduated from Phillips Andover Academy and later earned his bachelors degree from Trinity College in 2015.


While in school, Tommy joined the firm in 2013 as part of a team coordinating the grassroots outreach for the Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition. He played an integral role in this successful campaign to pass the nations first automobile right to repair law. In 2014 Tommy assisted with the efforts to provide public outreach for a proposed natural gas pipeline project in the Northeast. 


Tommy began working full-time in June of 2015 and has been actively involved with all of the firm’s clients. Of note, He was invaluable in helping the food banks of Massachusetts reach their highest budget line item for emergency food assistance in state history. On behalf of the private special needs schools he was integral in achieving increased benefits for their employees and a record amount of funding in the state budget.

Tommy also works as the director and spokesperson for the 2020 Massachusetts Right to Repair Coalition. 

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