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Mr. Hickey is founder and principal of the firm. He has worked for twenty-five years providing governmental relations and public affairs services to a wide range of businesses and trade associations.  Mr. Hickey is well known as one of the most effective and influential lobbyists in Massachusetts.


Prior to entering the private sector, he worked for a number of years as the Chief Fiscal Agent for the City of Boston.  In this capacity, Mr. Hickey quickly gained an exemplary reputation with legislative and executive branch leaders in Massachusetts, as well as city and neighborhood leaders throughout Boston. Having attained a high degree of professional stature, Mr. Hickey then began his career of independent legislative representation.


Mr. Hickey has assembled an experienced and talented team of professionals dedicated to providing quality government relations and public affairs services to their clients.  Each member of the firm brings with them a different background of governmental experience and professional expertise.  The firm prides itself on providing a complete range of government relations and public affairs services, and on customizing such services to meet the specific goals and objectives of each client.


All team members are equally conversant on the issues being pursued by the firm.  This concept has proven extremely successful in broadening the resources available to clients for their government relations needs and public affairs services and affords superior opportunities for success.


Mr. Hickey resides in Winchester with his wife and four children.

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