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Neil O’Brien joined Brian S. Hickey Associates after a lengthy and successful period of time working in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.  For over ten years, Mr. O’Brien served as Chief of Staff for the Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.  In his position, he was principally involved in the passage of acclaimed environmental legislation concerning clean air and water, solid waste and hazardous waste, recycling and land preservation.  His knowledge of regulatory and permitting issues pertaining to the environment and economic development is widely recognized.


In his capacity as Chief of Staff of the Government Regulations Committee, he was responsible for all legislative matters pertaining to electricity, gas, telecommunications, public utilities, energy facility siting, renewable energy, gaming, racing, and regulated industries.


Since 1997, Mr. O’Brien has worked with the firm’s clients on a wide range of issues including energy, environmental remediation, housing, special education, casino gaming, telecommunications, insurance, thoroughbred racing, solid waste, recreational activities and the automotive repair industry.  Mr. O'Brien has been actively involved in providing strategic business planning, government relations, community affairs and public relations to the firm’s clients.

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