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Three decades of diligence makes for quite the track record.

Year over year, Brian S. Hickey Associates has remained one of the most respected lobbying firms in the state of Massachusetts. The team's reputation is bolstered by their ability to deliver an
innovative and solution-oriented approach.


We owe our reputation to all the work we've accomplished in the state of MA.


Passed the nation's 1st "Right to Repair" Law

Represented the auto insurance industry and brought competitive auto insurance to MA


Secured record amount of funding for emergency food assistance programs in MA


Worked to secure the highest amount of funding for special education in the history of the state


Advanced the largest housing bond in the history of the state


Instrumental in the state's electric restructuring


Curated a billion-dollar bond investment for the life science industry

Helped pass the largest Article 97 project in the history of the state

Legalized casino gaming in MA

Aided the build-out of state wireless telecommunications infrastructure


Maintained a crucial role in the evolution of genetic testing laws

Helped to break the Dairy Compact

"An honest evaluation of the probability of success is the logical starting point in any potential legislative venture. If Hickey & Associates deem a project doable, they have the experience and knowledge to strategize and navigate a successful outcome."

Ray Pohlman

Autozone Vice President

“We provide each client with an honest evaluation of their needs and probability of success.  From there we develop the appropriate strategy.... and then roll up our sleeves and get started.”

Brian Hickey

Principal and Founder, Brian S. Hickey Assoc.

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